Design & Manufacture

CTI can design and manufacture both new solutions and OEM replacement parts.

New Solutions

Have a new product you would like to achieve? Or do you have an existing project that needs a refresh? Sit down with CTI today to explore how we might be able to realize your design and bring it from concept to production. From IoT to mining, industrial pressure washers to micro-electronics, CTI has provided reliable solutions to clients in all industries.

Enhancements and Re-Manufacture

If replacement parts / systems become scarce, obsolete or cost prohibitive, CTI provides comprehensive product analysis, redesign and manufacturing services. Through intensive analysis, CTI can identify the technological principles of a device or system to determine its structure, function and operation specification. Once the specification has been consolidated, CTI is able to design and manufacture a compliant replacement that is not just compatible with the original system but often times an enhancement.

Solutions By Industry

Explore the ever growing list of CTI’s designs below.



Internet of Things