Undertaking a Project? Need Some Oversight and Guidance? Contact CTI Today.

Whether undertaking a new project in-house or employing an external firm, it never hurts to get a second opinion. For solutions that rely on electrical and/or mechanical systems, CTI has the necessary knowledge and experience to foresee a range of potential issues before they occur. We can help guide the design process to streamline the overall time to market of your solution.

CTI Consult Around the World

Myuma Group in Northern Queensland

CTI regularly consult with the Myuma group in Northern Queensland regarding their water supply delivery system. We routinely audit the pumping system and provide guidance to the onsite technicians to ensure this critical resource is always available for the the people of the area.

American Gold Mines

CTI, along with its American counterpart, were contacted by a Gold Mine in Nevada to provide insight into how to best maintain and enhance their fleet of 930-4 Haul Trucks. With our years of experience maintaining the same trucks here on Australian soil, CTI was ideally placed to provide knowledge and direction to the onsite engineers. In instances where repairs are beyond the capabilities of the mine’s workshop, items are shipped to CTI in Australia for repairing, testing and return.

Australian Gold, Iron and Coal Mines

CTI work closely with several mine sites across Australia, particularly in the Bowen Basin region, to assist the mine operators maintain and extend the usable lifetime of their haul trucks and other diesel electric machines.

Brisbane Software Engineers

CTI were contacted by a Brisbane based software engineering firm to provide insight into how to upcoming roll-out of 5G telecommunications will impact the operation of their meshed water and power monitoring systems. CTI investigated the operation of their devices and found that the operating frequencies of the new 5G rollout had the potential to interfere with their device that communicated on the common 2.4GHz unlicensed spectrum. CTI are currently working with this company to implement a revision to their product which will provide immunity against this new rollout.