Control Technologies International provides a diverse range of Electrical Engineering services to its clients. Explore our services to see the ways in which CTI can assist your business.

Design & Manufacture

CTI has provided reliable, tailored and cost-effective solutions to clients in a range of industries spanning mining, diesel-electric locomotives, earth moving and transport hydraulics.

CTI works closely with its clients to see a product evolve from its initial conception, through design and prototyping to extensive testing and mass production.

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Repair & Refurbishment

An ongoing part of CTI’s re-manufacture and repair work, is the repair and rebuilding of Komatsu auxiliary blower system components including auxiliary inverter panels. These are heavy duty electronic devices that are installed on the Komatsu 930E haul truck, which have been controlled by the GE1200 control card.

CTI has extensive business in repairing electronic control units, power supplies, SCR stacks, phase modules and inverter units for the coal mining industry.

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Embarking on your own project? CTI’s consulting services can provide guidance and oversight to ensure an efficient completion to your project. With over 75 years of Engineering experience, CTI has the knowledge and experience to foresee and resolve the hurdles that could otherwise delay your projects.

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