Tilt Controller

CTI’s Tilt Controller saves fuel on excavators, whilst the third-gear lockout variant prevents speed related damage to the trucks.

Variants: Tilt Controller, 3rd Gear Lockout, PC138

CTI developed the E-Mode tilt controller and the Third-gear lockout in tandem as an add-on to excavators.

The E-mode tilt controller is designed to minimize the fuel consumption of these machines, saving their operators thousands in fuel each year.

When travelling between mine-sites, excavators can be heavily damaged if they have an impact with lose rocks while travelling at maximum speed. To combat this, CTI’s 3rd-gear lockout restricts the excavator from changing out of 2nd gear – effectively speed limiting the excavator to a pace at which collisions with rocks and boulders aren’t damaging.

PC138 Diggers utilise CTI’s Tilt Controller to regulate the angle of the digger blades by operating the diesel motor more efficiently. This results in optimized diesel consumption resulting in reduced operational costs.