Proportional Controller

CTI’s Proportional Controller reduces the mechanical stresses placed on a motor due to improper operation.

Water pumps on industrial trucks can be damaged by suddenly ramping the output pressure from minimum to maximum. CTI developed the Proportional Controller to rate-limit this change to no quicker than 3 seconds – slow enough to protect the pump but not too slow to frustrate operators.

A client came to CTI looking for an unobtrusive module that could easily be inserted behind the pressure control dial to protecting the various models of hydraulic and vacuum pumps that they have on their 12V and 24V powered trucks.

In addition to protecting the motor, the module also needed to remove a ‘dead-band’ from the lower-limits of the motors operating speed.

CTI met these requirements through custom designed hardware and proprietary embedded firmware. This approach yielded not only a cost-effective product for the client, but the ability to enhance its future functionality through software changes alone.