Mesh Street Lighting

CTI’s Bluetooth Lighting Smart Mesh is a retrofittable solution that brings both smarts and power savings to LED Street lights.

Street lights cost councils thousands annually in electricity bills and maintenance which is why CTI sought to bring a raft of enhancements to these units in a retrofittable package that can be replaced simply in the course of normal maintenance.

CTI used the latest Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Mesh technologies to bring about a communication system where lights can intelligently communicate with one another to relay lighting commands and various diagnostic information useful for the early prediction of light failures. This encrypted Bluetooth Mesh allows a centralized remote operation of these lights such that councils can intelligently dim or brighten lights in reaction to weather and other external stimuli.

On board, each light houses a dimming circuit, an ambient light sensor and an optional GPS module which together provide the functionality for the lights to intelligently power-on or off during sunset or sunrise, and then dim to varying levels throughout the night based on typical traffic patterns of the area. The result is a lighting brightness who’s power consumption is continually being optimized for the time of day.

As an example, during peak hour in the evenings lights can be operated at maximum brightness to enhance driving conditions. Later in the evenings, the lights can be scaled to 50% brightness to still provide sufficient illumination for the reduced number of road users, but whilst also being considerate of the occupants in homes who may be trying to sleep.

All this functionality comes in a single module featuring the industry standard NEMA-7 plug to ensure maximal compatibility with all brands of street lighting.

Do you have a widespread deployment of assets you need to manage from a centralized location? Contact CTI to talk discuss if a Bluetooth Mesh approach is the answer for you.