IGBT Gate Driver V1.5

CTI’s custom designed & manufactured IGBT Gate Driver V1.5 is an enhanced replacement and compatible for use in all mining haul trucks.

Each IGBT phase module has an electronic control board mounted to it that controls the switching and general operation of the module. These gate drivers act on the gate of the IGBT to switch it on and off in micro second timing.

The CTI gate driver differs somewhat from the original GE version that is manufactured by either ABB or International Rectifier in that the fault code signal is different. The original fault code signal is very short and truck manufacturers under guidance from GE have had to make changes to the programming of the main computer to pick up on this signal. Even then it is not always picked up soon enough so by the time the main computer recognises and registers a fault another IGBT has failed.

Developed specifically as a replacement for the IGBT gate driver that is part of the GE drive system in vehicles such as Komatsu and Bucyrus/Caterpillar haul trucks, the replacement IGBT gate driver  mounts directly onto the IGBT assembly / housing with the optical transmitter and receiver located in the same orientation as the ABB or IR variants.

The CTI gate driver can maintain reliable service in the field far beyond the limitations of the current unit in terms of durability and reliability and unlike its predecessor is readily available as a service part.