Grid Retard Assembly

CTI repair, refurbish & maintain GE Systems Grid Retard Dynamic Braking Assemblies .

In addition to refurbishing the housing and DC blower motors CTI manufactures new cables to OEM specifications and either repairs, refurbishes or sources new, grid resistors to any resistance required within the cabinet. Our workshop is equipped with a custom designed winch to make the loading and unloading of grid resistors as safe as possible for operators. We make these winches to customers specifications, upon request.

CTI repair damaged Grid Resistors, matching their original resistance and repairing the loose leaf-housings.
VintageAftermarketJ-Series GE Part #J-Series Komatsu Part #H-Series GE-Part #H-Series Komatsu Part #OhmsTruck
GE0025 XA6286 17EA33J651 58E-06-00941 17EA33H651 58B-06-00220 0.651 960E,  930E-1-2,  830 E AC (Dual Fan),  830E AC
GE0022 XA6289 17EA33J794 58E-06-01221 17EA33H794 58E-06-01220 0.794 930E-1-2, 830E AC
GE0435 XA6296 17EA33J747 58E-06-00991 17EA33H747 58E-06-00990 0.747 830E AC
XA3148 XA6297 17EA33J965 58E-06-00971 17EA33H965 58E-06-00970 0.965 830E AC (Dual Fan), 830E AC
XA4917 XA6307 17EA33J1160 58E-06-01211 17EA33H1160 58B-06-00230 1.16 960E, 830E AC
GE1253 XA6287 17EA33J565 58E-06-03850 17EA33H565 XA5860 0.565 960E, 930E-3-4, 830 E AC (Dual Fan)
XA3147 XA6288 17EA33J945 58E-06-00961 17EA33H945 58E-06-00960 0.945 830 E AC (Dual Fan)
XA3146 XA6290 17EA33J732 58E-06-00951 17EA33H732 58E-06-00950 0.732 830 E AC (Dual Fan)
GE0851 XA6293 17EA33J320 58F-06-01640 17EA33H320 XA5857 0.32 930E-3-4
GE1174 XA6306 17EA33J280 58B-06-01920 17EA33H280 58B-06-00210 0.28 960E
GE0850 XA6292 17EA33J304 58F-06-01660 17EA33H304 XA5859 0.304 960E, 930E-3-4
GE0852 XA6294 17EA33J370 58F-06-01650 17EA33H370 XA5858 0.37 960E, 930E-3-4
XA2475 XA6295 17EA33J420 58F-06-04450 0.42
XA5923 XA6291 17EA33J149 58F-06-04460 0.149 930E-1-2
XA2476 XA6303 17EA33J306 58F-06-04480 0.306