Deer Trap

A local council sought the help of CTI to develop an intelligent deer trap for their conservation efforts.

Deers in South-East Queensland are a pest that upset the ecological balance necessary for our native flora and fauna to thrive. To rectify this the council have a conservation team who capture and remove these deers.

This team were facing two-fold problems – the first was the manual checking of each trap that had been deployed in the field whilst the second problem was with the accidental trapping of native animals such as wallabies.

CTI developed a solution to address both of these inefficiencies – the smart deer trap we developed has multiple infrared imaging sensors which detect the shape and size of any animal that wanders into the trap. Our extensive field testing led us to develop an algorithm which can discern between a deer and other animals preventing accidental trappings.

Once a trap is triggered, on board GPS sensors and long-range communication radios alert the team to which trap has been triggered, what time it was activated and the coordinates of the trap. This allows the council to deploy a wider range of traps and increase its conservation efforts at no additional cost to manpower. Simply access their deer-trapping portal from a computer or their mobile whilst already on the road and they have an up-to-date summary of all their deer traps.

Field trials of the deer trap performed favorably in a range of harsh conditions and the council is keen to begin the widespread roll-out of this innovative tool.

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