CTI can source and test Busbars designed for GE Systems

CTI can source and then test the quality of isolation of busbars common to GE Systems.

IGBT Busbars – Positive and Negative

CTI can repair or supply new IGBT Busbars. Part numbers for each are 41A296332BLP10 (Positive) 41A296332BLP11 (Negative)

Vertical Busbar

CTI can repair or supply new vertical busbars with GE Systems part number 41A296332BLP2

Capacitor Busbars

We’re able to provide 3 types of capacitor busbars:

  • 41A296332BLP15 – Large (refer pic)
  • 41A296332BLP6 – small LH Cap B/B
  • 41A296332BLP7 – small RH Cap B/B