Auxiliary Blower System

CTI have earnt the trust of mine-site operators to repair and maintain the Auxiliary Blower assemblies of their trucks.

Aux Blower Assembly

CTI specialise in the complete overhaul of Aux Blower Assemblies, specifically the GE System PB8991.

Auxiliary Capacitor Bank

CTI repair and rebuild GE System GE0146 Capacitor Banks. Alternate part numbers are 105E7608G1 & 41A428006BAP3.

Auxiliary Inductor

CTI repair or supply new GE System GE0145 Inductors.

The auxiliary inductor plays an important role in the blower system. Apart from reducing ripple current in the capacitor bank it also limits current rise during SCR misfire conditions. This has the secondary effect of stabilising the DC link voltage.

Auxiliary Snubber

CTI repairs, rebuilds or manufactures new Auxiliary Snubbers GE0709 including supply of housings.

The function of the auxiliary snubber is firstly to filter out induced electrical noise and secondly to assist with commutation of SCR’s during normal and abnormal conditions.

Auxiliary Blower Motor

CTI overhauls DC Blower Motors and provides an exchange program with our on-hand stock in order to minimize downtime and operation losses to customers.

Part Numbers: GE0017, 5GY19L6, 5GY19L8, PB8991