AFSE Panel

CTI Repair & Rebuild the GE 17FM466 (PB8838) AFSE (Alternator Field Static Exciter) Panels and it’s sub-components.

GE 17FM466 (PB8838) Alternator Field Static Exciter

CTI has the experience and knowledge to repair and refurbish GE 17FM466 AFSE Panels. We’ve repaired countless AFSE’s over last decade which have arrived to us in varying states of disrepair.

Battery Boost

CTI manufacture their own
Battery Boost boards which are fully compatible with the OEM 41A278053G2 for quick field repairs of AFSE Panels.

AFSE Crow Bar

CTI pot their own Crow Bars for use on the Battery Boost board of GE AFSE Panels. These parts are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications to be functionally equivalent to the OEM part.