About Us

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CTI has established an excellent reputation as a high quality engineering research and development company and manufacturer of electronic devices.

Our Engineers

Amongst our team of Engineers, we’ve amassed over 75 years of experience providing sound engineering advice and services to our clients.

Unlike more theoretical firms, CTI’s engineers have decades of hands-on experience in field service. The same engineers who design your solution will be the ones to assemble and service it.

Company History

Control Technologies International was incorporated in 2003 with the amalgamation of two existing companies. One had previously been involved in the building of light earth-moving equipment in competition with Japanese manufacturers. The other was an electronic parts manufacturer, which also carried out repair and maintenance of electronic controls for heavy mining equipment and locomotives.

The new company based its activity in electronics as a continuation of the previous customer base and set about widening the range of work being undertaken. Sophisticated testing equipment was designed, built and installed in-house, which enabled work to be completed locally which previously may have been sent overseas for repair.

Further, a research and development division was established to investigate the improvement of equipment controls and to join the CSIRO to research various projects for the mining industry.

The company has built an excellent reputation for innovation and quick response to customer needs, to avoid lengthy and costly delays from breakdowns.

CTI’s policy is to return the customer’s equipment to production in the shortest time possible. We currently service equipment and supply parts both within Australia and overseas.

Work Experience

CTI is committed to the success of all future engineers. If you’re an engineering student looking for a work placement to fulfill your course requirements Contact Us.