Solar Hydrogen Electrical Generation Project

  • This project aims to develop a “proof of concept” integrated system for hydrogen assisted electricity production using solar energy.
  • The project will lead to a technology for efficient hydrogen production, practical hydrogen storage and base-load electricity generation.

In practice, Hydrogen will be generated with the assistance of solar energy.

There are a number of hydrogen rich feedstocks that can be used for this purpose including many types of biomass such as municipal waste and sewerage to name a few.

Hydrogen is then converted, again with the assistance of solar energy, to exist in a powder form. This powder is inert and is therefore harmless. This forms the basis for a practical system of Hydrogen storage.

The hydrogen does not need to be stored in pressurised bottles as it is in a powder form but needs only to be stored in an airtight container ready for use (conversion into gas). A system for conversion has been developed whereby the Hydrogen in its powder form can be converted, with the assistance of a catalyst, into its natural gas form. This gas is then used as the feedstock for a hydrogen fuel cell to generate electricity. The conversion from powder to gas can be controlled and this then allows for the control of electricity production. This makes it possible to use the hydrogen power generation system in stationary plants as well as in mobile systems such as motor vehicles.

Solar Hydrogen