Research and development makes up a considerable part of CTI’s business model with renewable energy being at the forefront of our endeavours.

Current Projects

Previous Projects

  • Developing for the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation) a thermal storage system utilizing molten salt (Sodium Chloride) as the storage medium.
  • Developing for ACARP (Australian Coal Association Research Program) a radar based collision avoidance system for mine haul trucks.
  • Developing for ACARP a system for the reduction of diesel particulates using triple chamber acoustic agglomeration.
  • Mobile satellite tracking device.
  • Developing for use on Komatsu mine haul trucks a replacement for the GE1200 Auxiliary Inverter control board along with other improvements to the Auxiliary Blower system.
  • Developing a new solar concentrator that is economical to produce and transport without compromising on the effectiveness of operation.
  • Develop the automation for a fully automated reverse osmosis water treatment system.
  • Solar driven Hydrogen storage and release.
  • Solar driven Hydrogen production from biomass.