Inverters for stationary and mobile applications. Rectifiers, electrical filters and inductors. Repairs to all types of power electronics. From concept to design and manufacturing.

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Embedded controls using custom made circuits and micro processors. Low speed controllers specifically designed for controlling locomotives while loading and unloading coal.

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The only light weight flat sheet solar concentrator. Specifically engineered at a fraction of the cost to build a parabolic dish of the same size. Multiple focal points or linear focal areas.

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Solar powered hydrogen production from biomass, storage and release. Suitable for stationary and mobile applications when using hydrogen fuel cells. Research and development…

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Auxiliary Snubber

The function of the auxiliary snubber is firstly to filter out induced electrical noise and secondly to assist with commutation of SCR’s during normal and abnormal conditions.

Auxiliary Inverter

The General Electric (GE) 1200 variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) control board has been used in Komatsu 930E dump trucks and other equivalent vehicles.

Auxiliary Inductor

The auxiliary inductor plays an important role in the blower system. Apart from reducing ripple current in the capacitor bank it also limits current rise during SCR misfire conditions.