Power electronic devices are used wherever there is a need to modify or control electrical energy. There may be a need to change the voltage, current or frequency using power semiconductor devices where these devices operate as switches.

The advent of silicon controlled rectifiers, abbreviated as SCR’s, led to the development of a new area of application in this field.

The application area has spread to many fields such as drives, power supplies, aviation electronics and high frequency inverters.

CTI has vast expertise and experience in this field and has developed a number of Power Electronic drive circuits for major developers in the field of hybrid vehicles such as diesel/electrics in mining trucks and locomotives.

Below is a brief overview of power electronics.

CTI can assist in the design and manufacture of power electronic devices for many applications. The main objective of power electronics is to control and convert electrical power from one form to another.

The four main forms of conversion are:

1. AC to DC rectification – a rectifier converting an AC voltage to a DC voltage.

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2. AC to AC conversion – a cycloconverter and cycloinverter converting an AC voltage to another AC voltage.

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3. DC to AC conversion – an inverter converting a DC voltage to an AC voltage.

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4. DC to DC conversion – a chopper or a switch mode power supply that converts a DC voltage to another DC voltage.

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