CTI Releases the new direct plug-in replacement for the GE1200 Inverter control card.

The General Electric (GE) 1200 variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) control board has been used in Komatsu 930E dump trucks with moderate success. In recent times the reliability of the electronics has deteriorated and there is a discontinuation of technical support or supply of new boards. This is causing significant concern among owners of this equipment.

To fill this need Control technologies International Limited (CTI) has provided a cost effective alternative to the mechanical/hydraulic system conversion.

As a replacement for the GE1200 board, CTI offers clients the newly designed CTI 5007 control board that provides improved performance without operational or mechanical changes.

Some of the major advantages of the upgrade include:

  • Low down time – components can be swapped out during normal maintenance
  • No change to the current operating system – no further maintenance training
  • Improved after market support – new system is available with short notice
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased truck service life
  • Price – considerably less than the hydraulic conversion alternative
  • Obsolete components upgraded
  • Added more stability via processor and firmware upgrade
  • PCB available locally – re-designed for better reliability and serviceability
  • Future modifications and upgrades performed easily
  • Limited documentation resolved
  • New components are common and easily obtained from several sources

CTI also offers customers a refurbishment  service where faulty Auxiliary Inverter assemblies are  shipped to CTI’s Brisbane workshop for repair and upgrading. The client receives a refurbished assembly which includes the upgraded CTI 5007 control board (GE 1200 replacement) and Auxiliary Inverter panel kit.

To further enhance system reliability it is recommended to also install a refurbished auxiliary snubber/filter panel. CTI has designed a new auxiliary snubber/filter panel that improves the quality of the power to the auxiliary inverter and also suppresses the spikes above 1800V that are often present in this type of system. Incorporating the new auxiliary snubber/filter panel in the upgrade will improve the condition of the power supplied to the auxiliary inverter.

CTI’s refurbishment / replacement program consists of the following:

  • CTI 5007 Control Card (GE 1200 replacement)
  • Auxiliary Snubber Network
  • Auxiliary Inductor
  • Auxiliary Inverter panel kit (Transient spike suppressors, to filter out transient spikes above 1800V. Individual SCR commutation Snubbers to filter out problematic electrical noise. Installation kit includes cabling, connectors and instructions).
  • Capacitor Bank

Other features of CTI 5007 Control Card are:

  • Direct plug in replacement for GE 1200 control PCB
  • Microprocessor controlled and monitored
  • DC Link over current protection
  • DC Link over voltage protection
  • Individual IGBT fail open shutdown
  • Low ELV power supply under volts protection
  • Plug removable processing unit for ease of maintenance
  • Data logging of fault conditions
  • Rugged double sided printed circuit board
  • Wide input voltage range (400 to 1000VAC)
  • Wide input frequency range  (30 to 60 Hz) assumes a 2 pole alternator

General Specifications

Input Voltage range:  400 to 1000VAC 3 Phase
Input Frequency:  28 to 67 Hz nominal
Humidity Range:  45% to 85% non condensing
Temperature Range:  0 to 50 degrees C ambient
Altitude Range:  up to 3000 meters above sea level

Detailed Technical Specifications

Total Power Consumption:  40Watts
PCB Dimensions:  310mm x 350mm x 50mm
PCB Construction:  FR4 double sided

Power Supply Section

  • 3 Phase Full Bridge control (6 x SCR’s)
  • Power consumption 25Watts
  • Maximum input voltage 1100VAC RMS
  • Maximum input frequency 67Hz
  • Minimum input voltage 400VAC RMS
  • Minimum input frequency 25 Hz
  • Output (Link Voltage) regulated to ~400VDC
  • SCR drive is 2Amp peak reducing to 500mA (pulse frequency is approximately 10Khz)

Inverter Section

  • 3 Phase IGBT drive with desaturation protection (6 x IGBT’s)
  • Power consumption 15Watts
  • Modulation frequency 2.5Khz
  • Carrier frequency 1MHz
  • Output Power Frequency 30Hz to 60Hz
  • IGBT drive is +/- 15Volts with a source impedance of approximately 6 Ohms