Control Technologies International (CTI) is a diversified electrical engineering, research and development Company conducting all work at its in-house manufacturing and research establishment.

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The main projects developed by CTI are in the field of power electronics and are associated with the electronic control of large mobile machinery such as mine haul trucks and locomotives.


CTI controls are used extensively throughout the coal train infrastructure in Queensland and New South Wales, to load and unload trains whilst maintaining constant low speed without manual assistance.

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Other devices designed and manufactured by CTI include interface units that allow operators to control various functions of a locomotive from one control pane.

CTI has also developed and manufactured digital relay units for passenger trains, speed controllers and speed indicators.

Repairs & Maintenance

CTI’s highly skilled engineering team is committed to providing the highest standard of repair work and preventative maintenance services. Our technical staff will carry out any required repair work in the fastest time frame possible to keep the client’s machinery down time to a minimum. On request, we will customise a preventative maintenance schedule, ensuring electronic machinery/equipment continues to operate at optimum efficiency.


Our remanufacturing services are a cost effective alternative when expensive or hard to source electronic components require major refurbishment or replacement. The CTI engineering team can rebuild most items with exacting accuracy to original manufacturer specifications.

Product Analysis and Redesign

If replacement parts / systems become scarce, obsolete or cost prohibitive, we provide comprehensive product analysis, redesign and manufacturing services. Through intensive analysis, CTI can identify the technological principals of a device or system to determine its structure, function and operation specification. Once the specification has been consolidated, we are able to design and manufacture a compliant replacement that will be compatible with the original system.

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Our Commitment To The Environment

CTI is committed to reducing its environmental impact through the implementation and ongoing monitoring of sustainable management and operational practices.
In addition to our development of renewable energy technology CTI is serious about utilising best practice policies and procedures to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. We keep our packaging to a minimum without risking damage to our products and wherever possible, all packaging and other disposable items are collected and reused or recycled. CTI’s water and lighting usage are kept to a minimum, resulting in significant water and electricity savings. On the administrative side of things, CTI is operating a paperless office and whenever printing is required, paper sourced from recycled products is used.

CTI regularly reviews and develops its environmental policies so that the company can enjoy future growth while adopting a sustainable approach in all facets of its operation.

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